About Barbara - Barbara Simmons Photography


Everyone has their own unique perspective on the world around them.

A mechanic hears an engine knocking; the doctor notices the physically ailing the architect wonders about the design and function of a particular archway.

At a recent fine art festival, a single voice silenced the cumulative chatter by simply 

stating, "I wish I saw the world through her eyes".  For a magical moment, all who were present stopped, transported to a world of stillness and beauty...

the world seen through the eyes of photographer, Barbara Simmons.

For Barbara, the camera is merely an extension of herself used to collect what she sees and 


From traditional hand coloring techniques, the textural richness of infrared film, to modern

digital methods...all are an important part of the craft Barbara has honed over time.  

However, the magic of Barbara's art truly lies within the moment; a moment of perfect

clarity, of quiet innocence from which she views the world.

Barbara's images have been described as ethereal and mystical; 

"evoking and bringing a sense of beauty and meditation into our turbulent world..."

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